Dear Sally

I don’t know where to begin; what words to use. The many ways you have helped me are quite beyond words. Your help in finding me a new apartment, how you always had kept in mind what would be suitable and satisfactory to me; you kept all of these things in mind; the fact that you made all the necessary phone calls to transfer utilities, phone, electricity, etc.. Took so much pressure off of me, all of that too was invaluable.

I did realize to some extent that moving away from the home I had lived in for more than 35 years would be life-changing. I thought I would be prepared. I was wrong.

The fact that you’re unfailing kindness & consideration, your capable help and organizational skills made all the difference in the world to me. You quietly took on all the myriad of details required to make this transition go smoothly & that’s exactly what happened from the first day & all the following days. As problems arose you readily solved them, took care of all the glitches as if you’d been doing this forever.

Your professionalism at all times really impressed me & went a long way to put me at ease, to reassure me. And of course the movers (you took care of that too).

Your numerical/colour coding greatly simplified the work of the movers & they actually told me how helpful that it was to them & incidentally, cash saving to me.

And then, Sally, then when you had packed some of my belongings, you brought them to my new place & lined shelves & placed dishes, etc., etc., etc. My T.V. & cable worked the same night I moved, then my artwork (59 pictures) was placed on the walls & in no time at all my curtains were hung & it was like I had been living here for a long time. You succeeded in taking away the strangeness of it all. In such a short span of time you did all this so effectively & I was immediately comfortable because of you. Sally I am forever grateful & amazed & impressed beyond words & have told my friends & acquaintances about the service you provided- how professional, how dependable, how organized you are.

The cost were quite reasonable & the service you provided was unparralled for someone like me, a senior whose children live thousands of miles away.

You are without a doubt, the very best thing that could have happened to me at this time of my life & the costs entailed were reasonable & very well warranted. You earned every blessed penny & was heaven sent Sally, just when I needed you.

You are a sweet, lovely person & I am so glad to have you in my life. I will champion you always & wish you much success in this business enterprise you are undertaking. If I can help you in any way you have only to ask. With much gratitude & sincere best wishes

Janette L